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I Can Make You Rich - Review Date: 09.11.2009

Excellent Book by Paul McKenna - 10 / 10

This book landed on our desk some months ago and to be fair, was treated with some scepticism. We finally got round to reading it a few weeks ago and we must say that our attitude was misplaced. We have to say that this is an excellent book. Firstly we must point out that this is not a get rich quick scheme, it does not detail a sure fire way of making quick cash. What this book does is teach you how to think Rich, how to view money and the idea of making money in a more positive way. Mckenna helps to re-program your mind so you think more positively about money. He also outlines the idea that being rich is not just about making money, happiness and spiritual well being are important factors in a truly rich life. The second half of the book does deal with money making and has some useful insights into the money making process. We could go on about this book for a long time, however, we feel it would be best if you went out and bought it. As a final thought, after reading this book we have changed the way we view and act with money and as a consequence have noticed that we all seem to have more. Coincidence? We think not.

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