Paid to Search Guide

A quick guide to using Paid to Search to boost your earnings.

Right off the bat we need to make something clear. You will not earn a great deal by searching the web. Why do it then? We hear you ask. Well the main reason would be because you presumably already search anyway so why not use a tool that lets you earn whilst you do so. Also, many of the search tools are already part of a bigger rewards scheme and therefore will go towards your total earnings.

Here is the main tactic for maximising your earnings with paid search, use all the search tools at the same time. This requires you to have all the schemes that pay you for searching open in separate browser tabs ready for you to enter a search term. When you perform a search copy and paste the text into all of the separate search tools, simple as that. Most of the search tools pay you for the search and you do not have to click on the results, however, some may require you to click on the results. Qmee for example is a tool that display separate ads after you have completed a search. You then have to click on the ad to get the cash for it. Most search sites will reward you for just completing the search and will either pay you points for each search or reward you with an amount of points after several searches.

A few points to bear in mind. There are sometimes limits to the amount you can search within a given time period. For example, Search Lotto allows you to earn two free lotto tickets a week. This means you can use it 56 times as long as each search is valid. So make sure you pay attention to the limits and stop using the tool once you have reached your limit. You will need to make proper, natural searches.

These tools can detect gobbledygook so always use proper language. Search for everything, even if you know the name of the site and you usually type it into the address bar just search for the site instead. For example, every morning I look at the BBC News website, so every morning instead of using a favourite or typing it into the address bar I will type it into the search tools. Please bear in mind that the tools will store your searches so you will not get rewarded for multiple searches with the same keywords within a given period of time, usually 24 hours.

Don’t rely on the results you get from these search tools. Whilst the majority of results will have what you want, sometimes Google still gives the best results. So if you are actually searching for something you may have to fall back on the big G.

Remember to leave time between searches. You will not get rewarded for continually typing searches, there will need to be a natural amount of time between your search attempts. Generally speaking though, if you have five or so paid search tabs open, by the time you have gone through all five you can go back to the beginning and search again from the first one. Having said that we personally don’t push it and mostly only search for what we are looking for. It does make sense to put in a search every now and then if you are doing nothing else but the rewards are not great enough to spend any extra time or effort in order to try and make money from searching.

To sum up, paid search can be a good way of boosting your earnings within a particular rewards scheme. You will not earn big but at least you will earn for doing what you do all the time anyway. Check the Paid to Search section here