About Us

This page is here to give you a little bit of information about who we are and why we started FreeMoneyResource.

FreeMoneyResource has been around since 2002 and consists of a handful of dedicated people who are passionate about giving you the best advice on earning money on the net.

Why did we start this site? Well, after stumbling across the "Get paid to" world we quickly became disillusioned and annoyed about the type of information on "get paid to" sites that we found. Most resource sites just promoted everything to get referrals, claiming that certain sites were great when in fact they were rubbish. Occasionally a good site was found that proved they did exist and that there were schemes that were indeed worth joining. In general, there was a lack of impartial information on specific sites. We therefore decided to start FreeMoneyResource with the aim of giving honest reviews and advice on making money online.

Here at FreeMoneyResource we pride ourselves on the honesty and integrity of our information and we consider ourselves one of the best free money resources on the web. It can be difficult to keep up with this ever changing area and information can quickly become out of date. We therefore rely on information from you as well. So if you spot any errors then please contact us.