Shopping Apps Guide

There are several great apps that give you cashback, freebies and rewards when you shop at supermarket or convenience stores. They work in a similar way where you have to upload a picture of your receipt through the app.


Checkout Smart

This app is great for getting cashback on a variety of products and even some freebies. The app has a list of offers which you can filter by supermarket. Most offer a variable amount of cashback but some will give you 100% cashback on the item. To claim you need to scan and upload your receipt using the app and they do the rest. Hopefully everything will be ok and you will get a notification that your cashback has been validated. For most products, you may have the option to claim several times, this will be displayed on the app. Freebies are always only redeemable once though. You can request your cash from £1 but there is a 5% fee if you do this so it is best to wait until you have £20. This shouldn’t take too long if you use it regularly. It is important to remember that the receipt needs to show all your purchase information, the date and time, and the name of the supermarket to be valid. Some shops give double sided receipts so you will have to scan both sides.



Clicksnap is part of Quidco and is basically Checkoutsmart. The app is very similar and is run by Checkoutsmart. This means that you cannot use the same receipt to claim for both Clicksnap and Checkoutsmart. The way round this is to separate the purchases so you have two receipts. For example, if there is a freebie on both apps then buy two but buy them separately. Clicksnap cashback goes into your Quidco account which you can cashout with your Quidco balance. Do be aware that it takes some time for Quidco to verify any cashback but don’t let that put you off.



Shopmium is another excellent app which works in a slightly different way to Checkout Smart. To claim you cash with Shopmium you have to scan and upload your receipt and scan the barcode of the product. The great thing about Shopmium is that you get your money very quickly and it is paid per item, you do not have to wait to cashout. As with Checkout Smart and Clicksnap, most offers are a portion of the purchase price back but you can also get freebies. One thing to watch out for are the buy one get one offers where you can get money off or a freebie for purchasing multiple products.



This app rewards you for scanning receipts from most major supermarkets. Receipts need to be uploaded within 7 days and the terms say you can upload other people’s receipts as long as they live in the same house. Each receipt earns you 5 points and when you have 500 points you can cashout for £5. This means you will need to scan 100 receipts for £5. The good news is they have surveys as well to boost your points.


General Tips

Use a cashback credit card – On freebies this will mean a profit.

Ensure your receipt is readable and look after it.

Even if you don’t like a product, if it’s free, get it. You can always pass it on.

Make sure you pick up the right product. Some varieties might not be in the offer.